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Disability insurance policies provide financial support in the event that the insured becomes incapacitated or is unable to work because of disabling illness or injury. It provides monthly support to help with financial obligations like mortgage loans and credit.

Short-term and long-term disability policies are both available to individuals, but considering the typical expense, long-term insurance policies are usually only purchased by consumers with at least six-figure salaries and incomes like doctors or lawyers.

Short-term disability insurance usually covers a person for a period of up to six months, paying a monthly stipend to cover medical bills and other necessities.

Long-term disability insurance covers an individual’s expenses for the long term, up until the point where they are considered permanently disabled, and thereafter insurance providers will often try to encourage the insured back into employment in preference to and before declaring them permanently unable to work at all and therefore totally disabled.

Disability overhead insurance allows business owners to cover the overhead expenses of their business in the case that they are unable to work.

Total permanent disability insurance provides benefits for when a person is no longer able to work in their profession. This policy is often purchased together with life insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers part or sometimes all of a worker’s lost wages and accompanying medical expenses caused by a work-related injury or illness.





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